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2nd Place
And Bad Knees

Step onto the roller coaster ride of Gary’s life in “2nd Place Finishes and Bad Knees.” This collection of mini-stories follows Gary’s youth, filled with heart-pounding failures, life-altering lessons, hard-won acceptance, and ultimately, soaring triumphs. There are tales of a group of champion boys getting walloped by future Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Cardinals; of a short violinist who just wanted to dance with a tall blonde Double Bass player while the band played “Begin the Beguine”; of a skinny kid whose mighty curveballs compelled RubberArm to throw a high hard one, resulting in extra bases most of the time. Explore the intricacies of decision-making, both wise and foolish, as the young and old navigate their paths, learning invaluable lessons along the way. Prepare to be moved as an older man reflects on his life, cherishing the bittersweet memories that remind him just how precious every moment truly is. This book isn’t just about the trials and tribulations—it’s about the human experience, craving connection, making mistakes, seeking redemption, and leaving behind a legacy that transcends mere wealth.

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